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Koji's blog

My once upon a time...
♥Thursday, July 02, 2009♥

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♥Friday, May 29, 2009♥
A sale not to be missed!!!
Here are the terms and conditions…
Promotion is only eligible for first-timers, or if your nails are clean of acrylic.
(so do tell all your friends who have yet to try!)
Current clients with acrylic on your nails don’t fret! You do not enjoy this current promotion, BUT, you do get to enjoy a free soak off with every new set of acrylic done! (u.p $30)
This is an internet promotion. The discount will only be applied if you text the code word when you make your appointment.
Promotion is not applicable to package holders.
Promotion for the half-price acrylic extensions only applies if you do a full set of nail art with a minimum value of $50.
Promotion is applicable for Inlay designs. Gel top coat ($10) is not included.

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♥Wednesday, April 01, 2009♥
Got to know this crazy girl as she is another one of Clara's student.
Both of us cam whoring while Clara was busy ...


Faye .

(For those who have noticed. My hair is finally straight again!)

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♥Friday, March 20, 2009♥
Went to Sandy's house to play Mahjong!
Her new home was beautifully designed...
A whole room made to fit for all her bags only!
a private lift!
a bed room full of hello Kitty!
a huge huge tv!
a shoe room!
I could carry on forever...

I was so amazed by her house and her so cute hello kitty mahjong set!

Playing with the Mahjong set definately boost more fun.
Every little mahjong tiles is craved with a hello kitty face.
Even the dices and the chips all in hello kitty!
The mahjong set came along with a hello kitty mahjong table mat.
And the greatest news...
It's all in pink!!!

My fav...

I love the set so much , I wanted to get one of my own... lol!!!

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♥Sunday, March 01, 2009♥
It's our happy go luckly girl , Eileen's wedding!

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♥Monday, February 23, 2009♥
We made this video after our usual mahjong session at my place.

It's 4 am,
and we were laughing like nobody business.
3 crazy woman,one with her pj (that's me),of course la! I am at home !!!
Clara and her younger sister Jill...
We decided to be kind enough to share with you all our laughters.

Have a great day ...
Signing off,
I am a palm tree!!!!!

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♥Friday, February 20, 2009♥
Saw Brenda edited our photos in facebook.
Made me kind of miss my straight hair already...

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♥Tuesday, February 10, 2009♥
The girls met up at Mustafa for shopping .
Err...or should I say at Mustafa to play?

We pratically took the funny stuffs that we managed to find and played with it!

We let our imagination ran wild,

Acting as if we were small Kids...

"The young ones...

Darling we are the young ones..."

Karen found a viser,
(I totally made a fool of myself!!! So ugly!!! My god!!!!!!!!!!!)

Vintage sweets that was so old school,almost nearing to extinct.

We wanted to buy the pretty tea pot sets that we saw....
(Having a hard time finding a perfect set as most of the cups in the box were already broken...)

Shopping +Mustafa= Happy Women
Friends +Mustafa = Crazy Women

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♥Sunday, February 01, 2009♥
Isn't him just simply adorable?
My little Brandy Kwek...

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♥Tuesday, January 27, 2009♥
It's chinese new year again!!!

I realised that as we grew up,
Chinese new year had actually lost the fun compared to when I am a child.

It isn't that crowded as it used to be.
Some of my cousins were married, having their own mother -in-laws family to handle.

Some have boyfriends and went off for holiday to escape the "when is your turn huh?"
Sort of questions...
Recieving ang baos wasn't as tempting as before.

On the every first day of the chinese new year, which was the 'chu' yi of the chinese lunar calender, which means...

I had to miss out the pineapple tarts and all the abalone.
Cause I am a vegetarian every 'chu' yi and fifteen!

Shopping centres are closed.

It only left one thing to do ...

Mahjong and gambling sessions!!!

Everyone ...gong xi fa chai!

Huat ah!!!!!

(Simply love my tailor maded chongsam...'Too bad I put on weight...haiz...')
See the one which was taken last year...

So much better...
Better start to lose weight now!!!

ends at 5:12 AMwith love ♥

♥Saturday, January 03, 2009♥
Despite my daddy age.
He definately young at heart...
Look at the photos we took right after our dinner ...

(If you are wondering why my hair still look straight in the photos.Thats because it was taken a few days before I did my perm.)

ends at 2:50 AMwith love ♥

♥Friday, January 02, 2009♥
Happy new year !!!

A brand new year, brand new resolutions ,brand new hair style.

I finally buck up my courage to perm my hair...

How do I look?

Which do you prefer ? straight or perm?

ends at 4:39 AMwith love ♥

♥Wednesday, December 31, 2008♥
Went to help out Clara as Petit Nail House have moved!
(Petit nail house is her shop...)
The new shop is located at 21 club street just above Senso.

Her new shop which is a 2 story shop house.
Although its quite atas, but being in her shop give a complete cozy feeling.
Make you just want to stay in the shop a little while longer.

With her skills and the right environment...Perfect!

I highly recommend her,not because she is my friend.
But she is truly good!

A link to her website: http://www.petitnaildiary.blogspot.com/

If you be interested to get your nails done. Trust me!

Your money and time will be worthwhile.


ends at 11:08 AMwith love ♥

♥Friday, December 26, 2008♥
Merry Christmas!

Busy Christmas this year!

I had held an early christmas party at my place with my 38 jie mei...
(Clare, Bebe, Sandra, Brenda, Sonia, Eileen, Joey, Constance, Rain, Jernelle, Gina, Miyuki, Celest...etc.)
We had Steamboat and Teppanyaki...

We had a gift exchange and I managed to recieve a Hello Kitty Lamp :)
Sweet Sandy bought me a Hello Kitty christmas edition Tea cup too.
Which I simply adore ,and would love to add this new one in my Collections.
Thanks Sandy!

Loverboy's buddies came over to join us later the night,
and thats when the gambling sessions starts.
Sadly I didn't managed to take much photos though. :(
But what the hack, I had my fair share of fun and to have them around for christmas already meant a million.
Huat ah !!! 38 jie Mei !!!

* *
* * *
* * * *

On Christmas eve...
I had another party at Sushi's house with Clara ,Karen , Ethan, Celeste ,Loverboy even my brother Aaron.
I and Karen were in charged of the setup and decorations ,while Clara and Sushi were in charged of the food.

There's the chirstmas cookies baked by Sushi, a christmas log cake made by Karen, fish pie and scallop soup by Clara.(which was a hit with everyone.)

Not to forget the turkey , honey baked ham , the smoked salmon and pasta...
We pretty much have all the must haves for a traditonal Christmas dinner in a beautiful and cozy setting.

We not only had a gift exchange between ourselves ,we too personally bought gifts for each and everyone of us.(even the boys have gifts!)

Karen had recieved my gift which was a tiffany and co. necklace.
Hoped that she will like the present as much as I like mine!

My favourite present was the tiffany and co. earrings from Clara!
(when I actually lost my diamond earrings a week before, this present was just what I wanted.)
I was so delighted!!! Karen bought each of us an Agnes B. lock necklaces.
which was like a lock for our friendships, locked right next to our heart!

Sushi bought me the top and belt which I liked when she skillfully spy on me, during the last shopping trip I went with her!

Celeste apparently have been paying attention to what I had mentioned many months before.
I had told her that I intend to buy memory cards for both of my cameras.
And she bought it for me!

Thank you Babes!!!

We played charades, fashion shows, stupid dances and "broken telephone".
We had so much fun and laughter.

What can I say?
My friends are amazing...having them are amazing...

I had a wonderful christmas, and I hope you all did too...

And again...

Have a Merry Merry Christmas!

ends at 6:03 PMwith love ♥

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